We first met at Beaux Art de Nantes Fine art school and begun to work together in 2016 for a sculpture project in the Paris Fine Art School Claude Closky’s studio. We really begun to to work together as a duo starting from a common interest in scicnce fiction litterature : K.Dick, Ballard, Asimov... have oriented our work around issues related to new technologies, their materiality and their utopic and fictional potential, and by filliation to transhumanism as the fulfillment of this utopia. These readings become fascinating and symptomatic in the light of the recent and constant technological evolutions and the promises of happiness and deliverance by the technique which constitute their ideological core. Video screens, synthetic materials, internet images, fiber optics, electric cables, artificial flowering lamps, prostheses, implants and virtual reality headsets anchor this imaginary in a technological organicity, describing humanity as cyborgs in the making, floating in an artificial environment, saturated with images and hardware. Christian Bok’s text has particularly marked us because in this one he announces a paradigm shift in the literature postulating that “we are probably the first generation of poets who can reasonably hope to write literature for a machine and network audience. artificial neurons (...) write poetry for inhuman readers, which do not exist yet, because these aliens, clones or robots have not yet evolved to be able to read it “. Following this text we produced Deep dream animals cries: an unfinished and potentially infinitely extensible text created with an open source software “neural story teller” that functions as a network of neurons using English literature classic to produce a narrative from a given image. We started from images generated by Google Deep Dream, a software of artificial intelligence to dream about images and to find in their forms, hybrid animals and monstrous like those that Jerome Bosch could paint in the garden of delights. Deep Dream animals Cries is a poetic, mechanical text, mimicking the syntactic and semantic constructions of human writing, but falling into a strange and disturbing mysticism, streaking nonsense at times and surprisingly coherent to others. Deep Dream Animals Cries has become a central project: it is in this text that we draw all the titles of our sculptures and installations, which become, by implication, a fragment, an image of this narration.